Peter Babič

A better disk usage utility than du.

Screenshot of dust in terminal (aliased to disk-usage). Tree of directories and their sizes on the left and a graph of relative sizes on the right.

@aral nice



I usually use ncdu. It has interactive UI. But I also like this rust app.

Do you know exa?

I have alias ll='exa -l' already so using it all the time

@aral Looks sweet!

@janci Ah, thanks for the exa reminder. Had played with it in the past but setting up my dotfiles from scratch on this new laptop so I’ll add that to my little toolset :)

@aral @janci I like lsd a lot, too!

And yeah, dust is great!

@janci Just aliased ll to exa -lh --git :) The git status info is really nice to have too :)

@janci Actually, screw it, went all the way and aliased l to it (I know, I’m living on the edge) :P

@aral I'm also a fan of ncdu - bit of a different presentation but it's available everywhere

@aral @janci You can go even further and display some git info (and more) in the prompt with

@nojhan @janci I use spaceship prompt myself but having the git status details *per file* with exa is useful :)

@aral @janci Didn't know this clone, awesome, thanks.

@aral @janci Didn't know this clone, awesome, thanks.

I should probably mention duf in that context, by @fribbledom :


Mind you tho, duf is a df alternative 😊

@janci @aral

@fribbledom @janci @aral

yes yes, and thus thread was about an ls replacement and a du replacement. So now we have three!

I'm quite happy that the old commandline is getting some improved basic tools these days. Also really like fish, which is a blessing for sometimes-CLI-users like me because it can autocomplete arguments.

@fribbledom @janci @aral

Speaking of which, I just noticed that duf mate it into the openSUSE Tumbleweed repo, and so did exa and ncdu, so now I'm installing them with no manual labour involved!