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@solene @evilham @meena perfectly reasonable to document it, thumbs up! But is the commit message description really the place people find it?

But the other extreme, just putting the link to proprietary issue tracker thread like GitHub is still quite bad, especially because it is hard to change links in commits.

I would like to know what is the sweet spot here or if people do really can find information in the really long commit messages.

@piggo @thor for very short distances like these you do not need a twisted pair too often (more like never) that helps with noise rejection

Also, impedance matching becomes important at GHz frequencies. Even if I was completely right, kudos to for you piggo for sharing this with us, nice!

@Moon @a1batross @piggo he could have at least try with interpreting that base64 data he sniffed, instead he just said that it was successful. If encrypted underneath, what success is that?

@piggo @Moon @a1batross České vysoké učení technické nice

@Moon @a1batross @piggo but TCP/up is not inherently real time afaik, does they use it for life-crirical systems like the aforementioned brakes for instance?

@piggo @Moon @a1batross contract for a cert renewal

@a1batross @Moon @piggo you have to keep in mind that adding a real-time encryption adds stress on the uc on the both ends of the communication as encryption is not free

@piggo UART also has the integrity check via the parity bit and noone promoting its "security"

@piggo probably bullshit and/or misuse of the word security (it can mean different things for different people, but useful for marketing mumbo-jumbo anyway)

Nice catch

@piggo are checksums somehow doing something regarding the security? Like at least you can not generate the valid checksum unless you know some piece of information, so unauthorized transmission is thwarted (while you can still read everything if you ignore the checksum as in this scenario you can not validate it anyway)? Or are checksums only for confirming the message integrity?

@piggo but most low level protocols are without encryption

I want to reply to someone else's toot but then delete the whole message. This happens far too often. I do not know why

@lowvolume CMD_STOP_BOOST

@eal @lain there is also that part where your favourite advertisements got interrupted by the news

@normandy we are living in a fast worl

@lightweight this happens for instance when their entire web is outsourced

@io I have written some guides for the setup on my blog, also about gnome keyring. link in my bio, or ping me here if you need help

@guizzy maybe they turn of the telemetry and the drivers would be smaller than 1.44MB all of a sudden

@amolith @io @manton @strawberryfieldsforever @wowaname yeah, KeepassXC + Synching + KeepassDX all the way up

Works like a charm, also for SSH and SecretService