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svelte-kit has moved from snowpack to vite yesterday

a long pause before releases for a svelte-kit

@rastinza hm, I could learn to live without wifi (MR200 has internal antennas for it), or maybe I could find some AP, connect them together with a LAN cable, flash OpenWRT in AP as well..then I would find it has the same reset button behavior, so I would put the AP in another high explosive resistant, thermoregulated safe and…you get the idea :)

@kettlevoid it can, but now I need to invest more time time on it, it is already a black hole for a spare time

also there is not one but like 5 documented ways to manipulate button behavior in OpenWRT, like procs, hotlug etc

I would still consider worth it

@a1batross @replikvlt grandma had it on the bed, I could not ever understood

flashing my MR200 router with OpenWrt resolved the disconnects in the stupid Orange Flybox OEM firmware…but now only slight breeze can press the reset button which instantly performs a factory reset of the settings

sometimes I have the eeling that Teamviewer would complain even when the versions are matched to the last digit

@joeyh Hello, seen your off-the-grid house automation rack and I like it, nice work

@256 excel, publisher, word/outlook, something, something, powerpoint

@Zach777 There are GBs on the server available, I there was no bandwidth left, I could not use it at all, I would really love to understand it more

I can still not understand how does Fediverse work…for instance this thread

when I see it from my Pleroma instance, I only see @LukeAlmighty reply…what could be the cause?

wowo, namesilo could really benefit from some UI cleaning

@Stellar @tibike Lines of Kode

@popey I was considering using gitea issues for that purposes, had some people using GH issues integrated wtih hugo as comments as well

@geekgonecrazy here, have a meme picture

re: questions I never thought I'd need to ask today (lewd)

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Draekos but It was working before minecraft

sensitive media
lara croft circa 1996

@ocean I was always thinking if it is spelled like run-escape or like rune-scape

We won't be hearing about any blue screen of death on since rover robot is powered by and .

is ! Check it out in the NASA repo.

F´: A Flight-Proven, Multi-Platform, Open-Source Flight Software Framework

@luke @luke I was discussing this with @PaulaToThePeople and her writefreely instance @paulakreuzer … I did not do much research since, but it requires some discovery process, for instance searching the URL of the post here. I do not really understand all of the AtivityPub inner workings yet.

I have just tried searching for but it only returned this OP

@Nikolai_Kingsley jewish minecraft goose flock? sounds almost like a medium entropy generated password